Eyeball – psychedelic neo-space rock


Eyeball describe themselves as “A collective of beings from Raleigh, NC who use guitars, drums, synthesizers, effect pedals, noise, feedback, and subjective artistry to conjure up their own brand of psychedelic neo-space rock”

I can’t top that description and I’m not even going to try, they were formed in 2015 by drummer Trey McLamb and guitarist Myriam Martian in Raleigh, North Carolina. Interestingly named after Sir Walter Raleigh the famous potato and tobacco discoverer, if you believe the Tudor propaganda.


I digress though Eyeball’s line-up is completed by bassist Brian Oaksford and keyboardist Aaron Albrecht, and they are out there on the experimental plain of music. They are not a band that you can put into a genre box which is perfect for us at tumultu.co.uk because we hate categories, good music is good music.

Their debut video single is called “Acid War’ and it’s getting good reviews, these are some talented musicians and they are currently working on an EP and playing live too, which with all their kit must be a roadies nightmare.

So go to you tube and check it out, they are totally trippy and a refreshing change for your ears, enjoy you are welcome.



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