Eyeballin’ my inbox, I found this – COOL


In my message inbox this week I received the new video from eyeball who we featured a few months ago.

They are back and the new video which is called “Inside the moon” is really very good.
I won’t give away the plot but it’s the out of this world style we have come to expect from eyeball who are unique.


The song is sung this time by Myriam Martian and it has echoes of Pink Floyd with a wash of guitars and trippy vocals.
Have a listen yourself I guarantee you will be hooked by the video and I suspect that Eyeball were big fans of the X-Files, they even look a bit like the lone gunmen from the classic series.

If Eyeball don’t play Glastonbury one day then I will eat my tin foil hat that stops me receiving space messages.
I can’t wait to see what’s next from this band we at Tumultu love them to bits I’m hoping that they release an e.p or an album soon, the world needs more Eyeball.









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